Anti Wrinkle Treatment at the Glasgow Smile Gallery



Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Prices

1 area – £100
2 areas – £195
3 areas – £295
Special Promotion – 3 areas – £50 discount

Dermal Fillers

Lip enhancement/ augmentation – £275
Smokers lines – £295
Nose to mouth (nasiolabial) – £275
Marionette lines – £175

Home visits available
Enjoy the benefits of younger looking skin in the comfort of your own home
Call out charge only £55

What does Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment do?

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment reversibly weakens the muscle responsible for dynamic wrinkles which are the lines created when you use facial expressions.
The effects of Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Glasgow Smile Gallery usually last for 6 months leaving your skin smooth, radiant and with less wrinkles.

Where can I use Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment?

The  main types of wrinkles treated with Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment are

1. Frown lines – Lines created between your eyebrows when you frown.

2. Forehead wrinkles – Lines created between your eyebrows when you frown.

3. Crow’s feet (eye wrinkles) – The lines created at the outside corner of your eyes when you smile.

Benefits to you of Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Glasgow Smile Gallery.

1. Safe, fast convenient and virtually painless alternative to cosmetic surgery.

2. Lasts several months.

3. Non–surgical : you get the benefits of plastic surgery without the complications and hassle of surgery.

4. Effective anti – ageing : Have you looked in the mirror and wished you could smooth a few wrinkles? It brings a smile to my face to tell you that Anti-Wrinkle Treatment relaxes the facial muscles giving you smoother skin and reduced wrinkles helping you to look up to 10 years younger.

5. Eyebrow Lift – A beautiful face and sexy eyebrows go hand in hand. As you age, your eyebrows will lose their arch and can cause sagging around the eyes, reading to increased wrinkles.
A touch of Anti-Wrinkle Treatment lifts this area and can regenerate tired eyes leaving you looking younger and less tired.

6. Free consultations for Anti-Wrinkle Treatment at Glasgow Smile Gallery are available

7. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified Anti-Wrinkle Treatment practitioners.

8. All prices include a free consultation and 2 week post treatment review.

9. Our clinic is located just off Byres Road, 1 minutes’ walk from Hillhead underground.

10. We have a private car park available.

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